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At The Lead Agency, we ensure that not only is your brand consistent across marketing collateral, but that each and every contact with your customer will improve their perspective of your brand and contribute further to your marketing conversation.

The way B2B buyers make purchase decisions is very different from the traditional B2C buying journey.

Business-to-business transactions often take more consideration, with over 80% of B2B sales occurring after the fifth contact. B2B buyers are more concerned with profits, cash-flow and revenue and value is a key driver of business decisions.

What is B2B Branding?

With a longer buying cycle, B2B purchase decisions are based on the trust between one business and another, which has significant implications for B2B branding.

As a B2B business, it’s imperative that you build a strong, relevant relationship with your prospect or customer.

At the Lead Agency, we know that the best way to do this is to create a consistent communication platform between your business and your audience.

B2B Brand Management

Our brand management strategy involves nurturing prospects and customers, whatever stage they are at in the buying cycle.

We look at the entire shape of your sales cycle to identify the stages of your buyer’s journey. By considering the varying stages of buyer readiness, we can create a comprehensive brand management campaign that speaks to the customer’s specific situation at each stage of the buying cycle.

We create a range of communication materials to consistently engage your customer and accelerate their journey through to sale.

With extensive experience in creating brand management strategies across a range of industries, we know how to compliment and support your sales division’s efforts, to turn browsers and prospects into buyers.

We’ve developed comprehensive brand management campaigns for B2B businesses across B2B industries. Experts in the field, we know what will really resonate with your customers and how to elevate their perceptions of your brand.

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B2B Marketing 2021 activities