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The Lead Agency is a business to business or B2B marketing agency specialising in lead generation and nurture, customer attraction and customer lifecycle management.

Successful marketing, demand generation, and lead management hinge on strategies that align your business more closely to your buyer’s needs and expectations across all phases of their buying process. We develop strategic marketing plans and campaigns to build and execute to help our clients generate more leads and better quality leads.

We take a customer-centric approach to all our strategy and work closely with you to identify and attract new business.

  • The value of customers: how do you use your customer data to identify the best customers and the best opportunities?
  • Identifying the right targets: which customers or who will bring the most value to your business?
    Determining the drivers for action: what do you need to say to spark your target’s interest and how do you get them to act?
  • Value understanding: how do you demonstrate  value in what you offer and make your offer unique?
  • Relevant communication: how can your customers communicate with you (and visa versa) in a timely and relevant manner?
  • Strategy and creative development: bringing this together to build a compelling campaign with successful communication materials.

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B2B Marketing has
two key objectives:

more leads &
better quality leads

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Lead Generation is the primary objective of any B2B Marketing strategy. As a result, our marketing services focus on several types of campaigns that work across a range of B2B marketing platforms.  We focus on the most relevant types of campaign for your business’s objectives. Some of the services that we offer include:

  • Content Marketing
  • Direct Mail Marketing
  • Events / Trade Show Marketing
  • Telemarketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Online Marketing
  • Referral Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Brand Building,

The Lead Agency tailors B2B marketing strategies to fit your business’s strengths, opportunities and objectives, considering the characteristics that are unique to you such as your industry, your product or service and your target audience.

We have extensive experience in developing marketing strategies for a range of B2B brands across a number of industries including insurance, recruitment and manufacturing. With proven results, we know how to determine the most effective strategies to meet your company’s objectives and ensure significant ROI.

At The Lead Agency we combine marketing strategies with Lead Generation techniques to provide innovative B2B marketing solutions that stand a class apart.

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Are you struggling to find the right approach to your B2B marketing?

Do you need help improving the way your business generates more and better quality leads?

Speak to The Lead Agency: our proven approach can help your business succeed.

B2B Marketing 2021 activities

B2B Marketing Services

Marketing Strategy

At The Lead Agency, we build B2B marketing strategies to concentrate your resources and activities on the opportunities that provide the greatest return on effort and that match the goals of your business. We help identify and cement customer value, create relevant differentiation for your business and  generate interest in your offerings.

Our strategies focus on integrating a range of lead generation and nurturing activities that compliment your existing sales activities to generate new levels of demand and help grow your business.

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Branding/Value Propositions

A good customer value proposition differentiates your product from competitors and provide compelling reasons why a prospect should choose your product or service. A robust value proposition enables you to communicate more effectively and gain a customer’s attention and approval to help build sales faster and more profitably.

Through a detailed methodology that takes into account information and research from customers, staff and senior management, The Lead Agency develops compelling value propositions that become the backbone of successful customer acquisition campaigns.


Targeted B2B brand campaigns

The Lead Agency specialises in automating B2B marketing conversations: developing targeted and efficient communication strategies to compliment and support your sales division’s efforts to turn browsers and prospects into buyers.

With over 80% of sales in the B2B space occurring after the fifth contact, it’s important to build a consistent and relevant communication platform with your audiences: whether they are prospects, lapsed customers, distribution channels or advocates. The Lead Agency creates a range of communication touch-points that are relevant to the customer lifecycle and their buying process to help generate more leads and better quality leads.

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Lead Generation/Management

Managed leads (leads that are nurtured, scored and followed-up on) produce a 20% increase in sales opportunities versus non-nurtured leads according to a 2013 DemandGen Report. Lead nurturing builds relationships with potential clients even if they are not currently looking to buy your product or service. It raises your company’s profile making it more likely that your customer or prospect will choose your product or service when it is time to buy.

At The Lead Agency we enable you to build relationship of trust with your prospects as a strategy to move them further along your sales funnel. We create automated sales and B2B marketing processes to make sure you’re taking advantage of all the leads and prospects in your pipeline and not wasting any potential customers.


Content Development and Distribution

Inbound marketing is becoming an increasingly significant part of any marketing strategy. Quality content creation (and curation) is a critical component of successful marketing activities. There are three key concepts:

  • Make it valuable: Your customers and prospects must want to read, share and act on it.
  • Speak to your buyer personas: Your company has a variety of different prospects and it is important to communicate in a relevant way to these different types of prospects. This makes your content more thoughtful, and your readers more engaged.
  • Establish thought leadership: In any space, you need to be the leader in order get the stakeholders on the other end of the table to consider your proposal.

At The Lead Agency we create and publish a range of articles, news items, whitepapers, how-to-guides and other communication tools relevant to your audiences to keep in touch with your customers and prospects with engaging material.

We know that it’s critical to plan and generate quality content for a range of marketing mediums: websites, blogs, newsletters and social media channels to ensure that you can continue to regularly communicate with your prospects and customers.

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Marketing/Sales Efficiencies

The greatest marketing program in the world is only effective if your sales team have the time and dedication to follow up the enquiries and convert the demand that has been generated into actual sales. If you then take into account that sales already have their own activities, their own pipeline, sales targets to meet and considerable reporting and administration to maintain, then a new marketing campaign is another task that has to be included in the daily routine.

At The Lead Agency, we recognise that sales departments often are already overworked and don’t have the time to make the necessary calls to prospects and customers. However, with a strategic customer and lead management program, we can reduce the number of contacts your sales team need to make to prime a prospect and reduce their administration time, allowing them to focus on sales.


Sales Support

Your marketing collateral are the key communication tools to share information about your business, products or services. They’re a valuable support tool for your sales team and can be a significant component of how your business is perceived by prospects and customers.

6 out of 10 prospective customers have already researched your company and your industry before you speak to them (according to a Google/CEB research study). You can be instantly judged by how professional or unprofessional your materials look.

At The Lead Agency, we make sure that what your customers and prospects see and read properly reflects your brand, value proposition and what makes you unique. We create and build marketing materials from printed corporate profiles through to websites and email newsletters that make your business communicate the best message possible for your brand.

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