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B2B Marketing debate: inbound vs outbound?

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Reaching a potential buyer is difficult at first in terms of B2B marketing, and many companies believe inbound marketing is better than outbound marketing. While this may be true for some companies, it does not satisfy all companies needs.

This is because while you are spending the money and time looking for customers, you are losing the chance of having the customers come to you. Yes, it is quite risky, but you need this risk. Why? Because it establishes your company as a stronger company when you take risks, as opposed to playing it safe. Knowing the difference between both inbound and outbound marketing will make your business stand out more in terms of drawing customers, instead of reaching them.

What Is Inbound B2B Marketing?

In short, Inbound marketing is researching your customers, and attempting to reach them instead of them following your marketing. This is achieved through publishing articles, blogs, whitepapers and other relevant content that your target audiences find through a search engine or social media channels and draw them to your business. For example, if one was to search for tires or other car services, your company (stating it sells these services), will popup as a potential provider. Typically, these tactics may seem like the perfect opportunity to spread your business, but this could be far from the truth. While inbound marketing may seem like a perfect marketing strategy, its shortcomings overcome its benefits. Learn more about B2B social media marketing.

What Is Outbound B2B Marketing?

Outbound marketing is the other main marketing option you can choose for your business, and it’s especially helpful for new or non established businesses. Generally, outbound marketing is the complete opposite of inbound, where instead of you putting efforts into reaching your customers, they are instead drawn to your business. This is usually by paid advertisements that are included when the user uses a popular or natural search engine. Outbound marketing is like radio advertisements and commercial spots, as well as calls from advertising firms, in accordance to inbound marketing which is usually through blogs or podcasts. Learn more about search engine optimisation and B2B SEO.

Which One Is Better?

The best B2B marketing strategies for you to follow would have to be based on both your interests and goals for the company, but for most companies, they find outbound marketing to be way more beneficial. Outbound marketing is very useful in acquiring more customers, as inbound marketers will be tapping into a restricted market, since they are trying to reach the customers, and not the other way around.

Outbound marketers will reach a greater audience, as well as a national one. Outbound marketing is usually perfect for those who want to impact the market quickly, as the research into a customer base is delayed with inbound marketers. The funding of outbound marketing, while it may retail at a more expensive effort, is way easier to keep track of in the long run. If your business is organised to a level to accommodate for these funds, then a outbound marketing plan is perfect for you to follow.

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