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B2B Marketing Content Types That Will Seal Deals

b2b marketing

The world of marketing is easy for few, as most find its difficulty to lie in the consistent successful properties of gaining and keeping a steady flow of customers. This is where inbound marketers excel, as it is their duty to gain customers, as opposed to outbound marketing that deals with drawing customers in.

Both have the same goal, but both go at indifferent methods. To provide the necessary content to market the product/service/ or whatever object you are trying to sell, you will need to look at some tips in doing so.

B2B Marketing is business to business marketing that is practiced by most businesses. In short, it deals with the relationship between business partnerships where the business is either a sponsor, or is sponsored by an outside company. Also called endorsers, both companies have a benefit to reach from the relationship, whether it be increased sales range, or increase profit.

The Types Of B2B Marketing Content

1. Market Videos That Explain What You Are Selling

A great way to produce traffic for your company, if you create videos that are engaging, entertaining, and informative, then you are in good hands in terms of spreading the business. These videos should be short, but should also inform the customer about the product or service you are marketing, and it should highlight examples that deal with its benefits. If you are selling a car, you would probably use informative videos, that tell of the car’s numerous features, as well as its specifications.

2. Customer Testimonials

Customers don’t want to try out a product that remains untested, so they usually look at the reviews of such products. Try to highlight the best reviews you get from past customers, as testimonials, where you will quote the customers satisfaction with the product, from their own mouth. This can also be done through written reviews, where the best reviews are highlighted and featured through the main organization of your company.

3. Product Pages

Typically, your product videos should be featured on a general page that reflects onto the product. While videos aren’t the only thing that will be on the page, as written articles and content should also be included, the majority of the content will probably directly come from your produced videos. This page should inform the customers more of the product, highlighting its features and it should show various pictures and descriptions of the product.

4. Separate Product From Company For Blogs

If your company features various blogs on its website, it is important you feature a clear distinction from product and company news. This will allow the customer to look at a specific product, whilst also offering the latest news and gossip of the company. This will allow for different customers to target different pages, and in the end the customers will know where to go to be informed.

5. Publish Surveys For Feedback

By you publishing surveys on your website, or through an email to the subscribers of your website, you will find you are able to find what product is satisfactory, as well as what product is failing to meet expectations. While many people don’t like constant badgering of surveys, some will allow for such ventures as long as they aren’t frequent or lengthy. Rewards are a great thing to offer the visitors, like free 5 dollar gift card or other meagre amounts that will help draw these people to take the surveys.


To learn more about B2B content marketing and how to develop effective B2B marketing strategies, get in touch with The Lead Agency today.

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