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Business to business or B2B marketing refers to marketing a product or service to a business rather than to a consumer. This may apply to wholesale products, products used for production, or services for businesses such as landscaping or heavy-duty machinery repair.

As with any other business, it’s vital that the right marketing strategies be in place for anyone that sells B2B. Consider five simple ways you can use B2B marketing to create a customer for life.

1. Create an effective b2b marketing email campaign.

An email campaign in of itself is not always effective; a customer’s inbox may be flooded with spam and unwanted messages on any given day. However, an effective email campaign can always reach a customer, even if they’re not buying at the moment.

Ask yourself why a customer would want to open your email and why he or she would want to see more emails from you. Offer special deals and discounts for online customers only, or reward them for responding to emails. This may be a special club they can join and earn points from, and so on. Learn about B2B email marketing.

2. Learn how to use social media effectively.

A Facebook page for a business will go nowhere if you don’t create content that customers respond to, but if used properly, social media networks and channels can engage customers and constantly advertise your product. Make use of the feedback you receive so you know what your customers are looking for and what engages them; this will tell you the best marketing strategies to use on social media. Learn about B2B social media marketing.

3. Personalise your B2B marketing.

When selling a product to consumers, businesses know to customize their content all the time. An online health and beauty store will market beauty products to women but grooming products to men, as this is the pattern of how their customers buy.

Unfortunately some B2B companies forget to do the same for their own customers. As an example, if you sell automotive parts for big rigs, advertising oil changes may not be successful because trucking companies may have maintenance personnel on staff. However, a sale on hoses or belts can be a better option. Remember this with your B2B marketing and customize your campaigns.

4. Respect the gatekeepers.

You may readily dismiss the secretaries and assistants at a company but these may have the ear of buyers more than you realize. If you respect their opinions and work to include them in your marketing campaigns, you not only gain a customer for life but you may see that much of your work is already done! They get your message to the decision makers for you, and create sales for you just that easily.

5. Solve their problem, not yours.

A business doesn’t care why you’re excited about a new product or service; they only want to know how it’s going to solve their problem or work for them. When you create a marketing campaign or strategy, speak to your customers and address their needs, not your own. If you do this consistently, you have a customer for life.


To find out how effective B2B marketing strategies can impact your business, get in touch with the expert b2b marketing consultants at The Lead Agency today.

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