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Remarketing Services to Continue the Relationship Along the Buyer Journey

The Lead Agency has worked on a number of successful Remarketing campaigns.

We fully research the campaign, designing and testing creative and landing pages that will have the most impact on your target audience. We also create Lead Magnets that not only spark the reader’s attention, but also add value to their business, and improve their opinion of your brand.

The Lead Agency is a certified Google Partner, with experience across the Google Network. Specifically, we are certified in Display advertising, which is where remarketing ads run and are managed.

What is B2B Remarketing?

Remarketing can boost ad response up to 400 percent.

Remarketing basically gives businesses another opportunity to connect with visitors to your business’ website who have not made an enquiry or purchase. It does this by showing a targeted, branded ad to the visitor, as they browse the internet.

It can be an extremely cost-effective form of advertising as it reminds website visitors of your business and increases their ability to recall your brand.

B2C marketing strategies are often not effective for B2B campaigns. The main difference that separates the two, is that B2B purchase decisions typically involve a longer sales cycle. Remarketing is an extremely effective tool in the lead nurturing process, and can be instrumental in moving prospects through the buying funnel to sale.

Experts in remarketing for B2B Businesses, The Lead Agency has worked on various remarketing campaigns across a range of industries, including Insurance, Law, Technology and Manufacturing.

We take an individualised approach to every campaign that we run, understanding that no two B2B businesses are the same in terms of product or service offered, target audience and sales cycle. We work with our clients to learn about their business and the various steps their customers take on their buyer journey. In doing this, we can implement the most effective remarketing campaign that will accelerate brand recognition and sales.

Remarketing is particularly effective for B2B businesses, due to a number of characteristics that specifically belong to B2B buyers. Distinctive Characteristics of B2B Audiences include:

  • B2B Buyers Make More Considered Purchases: B2B businesses sell more complex products, often at a high price point. They also often sell products that are used by multiple end users, who are also affected by the purchase decision. This means that the buying decision is much more high involvement, and given much more consideration than a simpler B2C purchase.
  • The B2B Sales Cycle is Longer: Due to the high involvement nature of the purchase, the B2B sales cycle is typically longer. Decision makers often need to develop a relationship with a business before they commit to buying a product. This relationship may take months, or even years to form.
  • The B2B Buyer Journey is Different: B2B decision making is typically less emotional and more based on the specific benefits of the product or service, as well as the costs. B2B buyers will comparison shop. As such, it’s important to position your company in a way that differentiates it from competitors, and really articulates how your business can solve a problem that they have and add value to their business.

Taking all of these characteristics into consideration, Drip Marketing is often used in B2B marketing.

B2B marketers know that customers need to know more about a business before they will commit to buying from them, and as such are unlikely to convert the first time that they are in contact with the business. Drip marketing is the process of getting the customer into the buyer funnel and nurturing them with a number of marketing communications that are relevant to them.

Remarketing is one of the tools that is often used in a Drip Marketing strategy.

Our B2B Remarketing Expertise

Remarketing ads are simply text or image ads. They are managed by Google, who place them on web pages on their vast Network, which covers over 90% of all web pages.

Google Remarketing is ideal for businesses where the sales process is long and complex, as it can serve as the perfect reminder about your brand. Furthermore, when someone has already been on your website, they are more likely to click on another ad for your business when they see it:

The average click-through rate for display ads is 0.07 percent, and the average click-through for retargeted ads is about 0.7 percent.
[Smart Insights, 2017]

This gives your business another chance to connect with your potential customer by bringing them back to your website.

Lead Magnets

Once you’ve attracted a customer back to your website, Lead Magnets can be useful for continuing to nurture them and build their relationship with your brand.

A Lead Magnet is something that your business can offer a potential customer that is of value to them. The main purpose of a Lead Magnet is to persuade people who are on your website to part with their contact details. In order to do this, you should offer your customer something that speaks to their pain points such as:

  • A Free Audit or Consultation
  • An eBook
  • A Free 14 Day Trial
  • A How to Guide
  • A Business Review

By offering a Lead Magnet on your landing page, you can build a more loyal audience, and in turn, build leads for your business.

Even if the potential customer doesn’t convert straight away, you may be able to capture their information and continue to nurture them through to sale, or at the very least, your business will be more memorable, so that when they are ready to buy they think of you.


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