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At The Lead Agency, we specialise in Marketing Automation, with experience in developing comprehensive campaigns that generate more better quality leads.

At the Lead Agency, we know that fostering long-term relationships with customers is key in the modern marketing environment. We use Marketing Automation to extend your company’s conversation with your customers in order to strengthen their relationship with your brand and move them through the Buying Funnel to purchase.

Our Marketing Automation campaigns are strategically crafted for each individual business we work with. We consider the unique buyer journey and the characteristics of your audience to develop campaigns that engage your audience and add value to your relationship with them.

What Is Marketing Automation?

“Companies using Marketing Automation see 53% higher conversion rates than non-users” Aberdeen Group, 2017

The one-to-many approach doesn’t work in the B2B environment, where buyers are well-informed, and will evaluate a multitude of alternatives before making a purchase decision. At The Lead Agency, we specialise in B2B businesses, so we know the characteristics of B2B audiences and how to best target them:

  • More Thought-out Purchases: Given that B2B purchases are typically larger and more expensive than B2C, they are most often high involvement decisions, which require a great deal of research.
  • Longer Sales Cycle: B2B decision makers can be more hesitant in their decision-making. They typically want to know more about the business they are dealing with before committing to buy, and are more likely to favour businesses that they have developed a relationship with.
  • B2B Buyer Journey is Complex: B2B decision makers are usually more educated buyers who research and compare alternatives. As such, it’s important to position your company in a way that differentiates it from competitors and articulates how you can add value to their business.

Taking into consideration all of the above, when it comes to B2B Marketing, it is essential treat each customer as an individual and educate them on the benefits of your product or service and how your business will solve their specific needs.

Marketing Automation is the ideal way of doing this. Marketing Automation gives your business the ability to track a prospect’s interactions with you, and send relevant, targeted communications based on this. You also have the increased ability to segment and target your audience to ensure you are sending content that is relevant to their needs or problems and that they are actually interested in.

Effective Marketing Automation is all about aligning your marketing and communications to the stages of the buyer journey, which gives you the ability to plan interactions based on what is most important to the buyer at each stage. The advanced technology gives you the ability to determine exactly when to give customers space and then pro-actively contact them at just the right time.

At the Lead Agency, we use Marketing Automation to ensure you are communicating with your clients effectively: tailoring regular your B2B marketing messages to your prospects’ individual needs and stage in the buyer journey.

How Can Our Marketing Automation Consultants Help You?

Applying B2C strategies to a B2B campaign can be a costly mistake. At the Lead Agency, we specialise in Marketing Automation campaigns and have developed and implemented a number of successful campaigns across a range of industries including Insurance, Law, Technology and Manufacturing.

Every client that we work with has a unique sales cycle. With our clients, we ensure we fully understand your individual business sales cycle and buyer journey before starting to work on the campaign. Once we’ve established this, we work on developing the Marketing Automation campaign, including:

  • Data Management:We work on getting the most out of your existing data lists, by working out how to best segment your audiences for optimal targeting.
  • Website Updates: We make sure the landing pages on your website are optimised to convert prospects that are ready to buy and capture more information from those that are not.
  • Content Management: We create solid B2B content strategies for each Marketing Automation flow, ensuring we not only engage the audience, but also position your business as a thought leader that provides valuable information.
  • Lead Scoring: We set up lead scoring to rank your prospects against a scale that represents their perceived value to your organisation. In doing this, we ensure that the best quality leads are passed on to the sales team, or relevant department when they are most likely to convert.
  • Measurement and Analytics: We monitor and analyse every campaign to ensure you get a deep insight into the lifecycle of your prospects, from awareness to consideration and purchase. We also use this to make improvements to the effectiveness of the campaign.

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