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Best Practices for LinkedIn Lead Generation & B2B Marketing

The Lead Agency has considerable experience in developing LinkedIn campaigns that generate more leads and better quality leads. We plan and run targeted LinkedIn campaigns to deliver your value proposition to highly-targeted audiences to build engagement at all stages of the buyer journey.

At The Lead Agency, we ensure that not only is your LinkedIn campaign consistent across all your B2B marketing efforts, but that each and every contact with your customer will improve their awareness of and engagement with your brand and contribute further to your marketing conversation.

LinkedIn Marketing & LinkedIn Lead Generation

The ultimate B2B Marketing Channel, if you target businesses, LinkedIn is a critical tool in your marketing planning. LinkedIn is by far most the effective social media platform to communicate with business buyers and connect with business professionals.

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Over 430 million business professionals connect on LinkedIn. 40% of those LinkedIn members check the platform every single day. Facebook may have a greater reach, but there is no other channel that is as effective for your B2B marketing campaign.

An effective LinkedIn marketing program will help you:

  • build relationships
  • demonstrate thought leadership
  • generate digital leads
  • gain business and industry insights
  • Conduct intimate market research and
  • improve your brand reputation

to a highly-targeted, relevant new audience.

Our LinkedIn Marketing Strategy Expertise

The Lead Agency uses a range of LinkedIn strategies to help you generate more leads and better quality leads. It is well-documented that 93% of B2B marketers say social media is their number one method for content creation and distribution.

If you’re interested in promoting your B2B products or services to professionals, The Lead Agency has the expertise and experience to ensure LinkedIn becomes an effective and efficient channel to reach them. But no matter how good the statistics add up, many businesses or B2B marketers don’t know how to incorporate LinkedIn into their marketing mix.

At The Lead Agency we use LinkedIn to assist our clients accelerate sales through attracting quality leads and new sales opportunities.

We have considerable experience in designing and implementing successful LinkedIn B2B marketing programs: from researching new industry verticals, social selling through to digital lead generation of the sales funnel, we have built successful campaigns for a range of B2B companies.

All our LinkedIn marketing strategies focus on two things — generating more leads for your business AND better quality leads for your sales division.

How We Use LinkedIn for B2B Marketing

1. Researching, Listening and gaining insights.

LinkedIn is perfect to listen, ask questions and gain insights. This is the crux of any social media B2B marketing. You can find relevant contacts to communicate with by job title, function, industry, business size or even seniority. You can join LinkedIn Groups and communities to research topics or gain industry knowledge. All of this allows you to learn more on a specific topic, determine the influencers in an industry or additional relevant contacts within a company.

2. Build brand awareness and reputation online

LinkedIn is an ideal platform to increase your online presence to a targeted audience. A simple search within LinkedIn can find a range of potential customers, businesses or groups to target your communications towards. Simple, effective and efficient. Publishing relevant content, sharing useful information and communicating with your ideal audiences is an effective method of raising the profile of your brand. Compare that to the cost of advertising in an industry journal or magazine and you can quickly see the benefits.

3. Thought leadership

Using LinkedIn regularly easily allows you to position yourself as a leader in a particular domain. There are many ways to show your expertise:

  • Post high-quality content on it’s publishing tool,
  • Craft the information in your personal profile to take advantage of keyword searching or
  • Contribute to LinkedIn Groups, answering questions from other members.

The LinkedIn network is fertile ground for thought and practice leaders, aiming to become trusted advisors.

4. Generating leads (From Top of Funnel to Bottom of Funnel)

LinkedIn is responsible for more than 80% of a B2B business’s social media leads. LinkedIn provides a number of personal ways to identify relevant prospects, engage with them and turn them into qualified leads.

New audiences and prospects can be found through the advanced search function. Sharing relevant content can show which contacts have a need or an interest in your product or service. Offering high-quality thought-leadership content in return for an email address converts a prospect into a lead that can be nurtured.

5. Lead Acquisition / Traffic building

One of the strengths of LinkedIn is its power for Search Engine Optimisation. Through sharing content, you can reach out to new audiences and use the power of the LinkedIn platform to target new audiences and drive traffic to your website. LinkedIn’s social sharing function has come a long way recently and makes it easy to share relevant content in your status updates and in LinkedIn Groups. This works especially well for business-related content.

6. Connect with new prospects through Sponsored InMail

LinkedIn Sponsored InMail is an increasingly popular marketing tool on the platform. According to LinkedIn data, InMail response rate is three times higher than regular business emails. People are far more willing to respond to a LinkedIn InMail than a traditional email making it a useful digital lead generation tool in your B2B marketing campaigns.

LinkedIn opened Sponsored InMail to all advertisers in 2017 (previously it was only available to advertisers who spent over $15,000 a month). We are seeing targeted Sponsored InMail messages with an average open rate of over 50% and a 7% click-through rate.

Our clients find Sponsored InMail is most useful for growing a community of highly engaged prospects.


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