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The Lead Agency provides B2B Social Media Marketing (SMM) services to a variety of businesses.

Social media allows you to establish connections with stakeholders, position your brand and initiate social interactions that will improve your conversion rates.

At the Lead Agency, we are able to use your existing content to maintain your social media channels in a consistent manner that aligns with your business goals and objectives. This can include running organic posts that engage with stakeholders, or implementing shorter-term targeted paid advertising campaigns.

Some of the key benefits of being on social media include:

  • Multiple Customer Touch points: In the modern digital age, decision makers use multiple sources to make purchasing decisions. Engaging with leads on multiple platforms is the only way to make a genuine impression.
  • Increased Web Traffic: Engaging content redirects traffic to your website, where potential leads can find out more about your products and services. The more quality content you share, the more traffic you can expect.
  • Better Understanding Of Your Audience: Social media sites, such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+, provide sophisticated metrics that help you understand your audiences better. This information can be invaluable in crafting a personalised buyer journey.
  • Position Your Brand As An Authority: Regularly posting quality content on social media helps position your business as a thought leader in your industry.
  • Increase Brand Exposure: Being present on a variety of social media channels exposes your brand to a larger audience of potential leads.

Some of the channels we have worked with include LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Google+ and Instagram. Find out how we can manage your SMM by contacting The Lead Agency today.

What is B2B Social Media Marketing?

87 per cent of B2B marketers use social media as a critical part of their marketing strategy.

B2B Social Media Marketing is the utilisation of social media platforms to attain your business goals. Although social media is usually considered a B2C channel, there are several advantages for businesses getting involved on social platforms.

Many businesses feel that they are ‘too boring’ or that social media isn’t relevant to them. On the contrary, social media is an excellent platform to influence and be influenced by your stakeholders.

Digital consumption has increased markedly over the past decade

Developing engaging and authentic content is a crucial part of any inbound marketing strategy.

As well as a public relations tool for reaching stakeholders, social media platforms can be used to generate leads and grow your brand. Social media is a good platform for sharing your blogs and generating relevant traffic to your website.

As a business, having open channels of communication between you and your stakeholders is crucial to positioning your brand. Not only can social media allow you utilise metrics to find out more about your target audiences, but also you are able to develop connections with potential leads. 

Social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook allow you to run highly targeted ads that tap into your target industry or demographic.

Alternatively, posting free downloadable content in exchange for email addresses is an excellent lead magnet. Giveaways and competitions are also a great tactic for gaining new leads.

Our B2B Social Media Marketing Services

The Lead Agency has worked with several businesses in managing their social media channels. We are able to cater relevant content that aligns your brand with the needs of the prospect.

There are a variety of organic and paid SMM activities we can undertake on your businesses’ behalf:

  • Social Media Management: Using a social media management platform, we are able to manage multiple social media channels. We provide regular content calendars to keep you informed of the content we are sending out.
  • Sponsored Content Curation: Sponsored content allows your posts to reach a larger, more targeted audience. On platforms such as LinkedIn, we are able to target decision makers in your target industries. Depending on your budget, we will manage your sponsored content to get the most impact.
  • Competitions and Giveaways: Social media sites have strict conditions for holding competitions and giveaways. At The Lead Agency, we are able to manage these campaigns on your behalf.
  • Integrated Marketing Campaigns: The number of communication channels has grown significantly since the early days of marketing. Integrating your marketing campaigns across multiple channels is key to generating leads and growing your business.

Social media can be great tool to increase traffic, generate leads and grow your business.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you manage your social media to meet your B2B marketing goals.


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