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At The Lead Agency, we can help you keep in touch with your customers and prospects.

We know that in order to remain relevant, it’s important to create more than just one type of content. Consumers have a short attention span and if you are always providing content to them in the same form, you risk losing their interest.

  • We Provide Content in A Range of Different Formats: At The Lead Agency, we create a range of B2B content pieces, utilising a range of different presentation methods, including Articles, Infographics, News Pieces, How-to-Guides, Press Releases, Videos and White Papers. We can also provide other content and communication tools at the request of our client.
  • We Cover Various Topics: If the scope of the content you are producing is too narrow, you risk running out of original ideas, repeating yourself, and losing the interest of your audience. With The Lead Agency, we ensure you are posting relevant content that is related to your specialty so that your viewers feel they are gaining a deeper insight into what you offer and your company’s beliefs. Most importantly, we create content that the customer wants to read, that adds some value to their relationship with your brand.
  • We Distribute Content On Multiple Platforms: We know that content is only effective when it’s being seen, and as such, we make a plan around distributing our content in a way that is most likely to reach your target audience. We distribute content on a range of marketing mediums, including Websites, Blogs, Newsletters, Print Materials and Social Media Channels.

Constantly creating engaging content that gets the results your business needs can be challenging. The Lead Agency is a specialist B2B Content Marketing Agency, with experience in creating content for a range of B2B companies across industries. Find out more about how we can accelerate your business with content marketing by speaking to us today.

What is B2B Content Marketing?

The Future of Marketing is Content Marketing

The way people consume media has changed. A huge increase in digital consumption has resulted in an inbound marketing revolution, with content becoming an increasingly significant part of any B2B marketing strategy.

Content marketing is a proven Lead Generation tool that is particularly relevant in the B2B space, as companies typically have to educate customers about their products before they will commit to purchase.

In addition to Lead Generation, B2B Content Marketing can be instrumental in informing your business on the topics that your customers are particularly interested in, which can be applied to a range of other marketing platforms and campaigns. Content Marketing also contributes to Search Engine Optimisation, the process of improving your website’s visibility on Search Engines.

B2B Content Marketing is an extremely effective communication tool that can raise brand awareness, add value for your customers and create credibility for you brand, however:

93% of B2B marketers use content marketing [CMI, 2014 http://www.iab.net/media/file/B2BResearch2014.pdf]

This means there is a lot of marketing communication out there, and any content your business produces will be competing with a multitude of other articles, whitepapers, blogs and news pieces for your audience’s attention.

Expertise from a B2B Content Marketing Agency

The Lead Agency specialises in the creation of content that cuts through the noise and resounds with the target audience. We take the time to develop an intimate understanding of our client’s customer buying journey, so that we can craft quality content that engages at each stage of buyer readiness. We deliver quality B2B content marketing that addresses their specific problems and pain points at each stage of the buying journey to accelerate them through the sales funnel to purchase.

Our content marketing services follow three key concepts:

1. We Make It Valuable

When a customer loves your marketing, they’ll love your company. The Lead Agency creates content that truly engages. We deliver content that your customers and prospects not only want to read but want to share and act on. The customer should be at the centre of the marketing strategy.

2. We Speak To Buyer Personas

We know that your company has a variety of different prospects and it is important to communicate in a relevant way to each group. Before delivering a content marketing strategy, we segment your target audience and consider the specifics of each group by asking:

  • Where do they do their research? Online? Print? Audio?
  • What do they read? Articles? White Papers? Reports?
  • What knowledge do they have of your industry?
  • How can you enhance their business?

3. We Establish Thought Leadership

The ability to communicate high-quality content is vital in establishing thought leadership. This content should be informative, detailed, innovative, and contribute to the industry that it discusses. The most essential part of creating content however, is to address the needs and wants of the target audience, as ultimately their confidence in your business is what will position you as a thought leader in the industry.

Being viewed as a leader in your space will not only attract more customers, but will also get prospective clients and stakeholders talking, and make them more likely to consider your proposals.


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