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The Lead Agency has worked on a number of successful B2B AdWords campaigns. Once we have researched and set up the AdWords campaign, we closely monitor it, consistently testing bids, keywords, timing, ad copy, ad extensions and landing pages in order to find the right combination for our client.

For one client campaign, we continuously refined the specifics of the campaign down to an extremely granular level, and achieved:

459% decrease in the average cost per conversion (over 12 months)

The Lead Agency is a Google Partner, with certifications from Google in all specialist applications of AdWords, including Search Advertising, Mobile Advertising, Display Advertising, Video Advertising and Google Shopping Ads. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can accelerate your business by generating leads through AdWords.

What is B2B Adwords?

While many companies offer AdWords services, they make the mistake of applying B2C Adwords strategies to a B2B campaign. The Lead Agency specialises in Adwords for B2B Businesses, having implemented a number of successful AdWords campaigns for companies in industries such as Insurance, Law, Technology and Manufacturing.

Each of the businesses that we work with operates under a very different sales cycle. We take the time to work with these customers, and learn about their business and the different steps their customers and potential customers take on their buyer journey.

We take an individualised approach to every campaign that we run. However, there are certain characteristics that can be applied across industries to most B2B business audiences that separate them from B2C audiences.

Distinctive Characteristics of B2B Audiences:

  • Niche Target Market: Unlike B2C selling, B2B advertisers are often selling to a much smaller target audience.
  • Multiple Decision Makers: For B2B businesses, it can be difficult to know exactly who you are targeting, as the person that you want to reach can be from one of various departments in a company.
  • More Considered Purchases: B2B purchases are most often high involvement decisions, as the product is at a much higher price point than a consumer product, and there are multiple end users that the purchase decision will affect.
  • Sales Cycle is Typically Longer: In most cases, it is necessary to form a relationship with a business buyer, as decision makers can be reluctant to commit to buy a product before they know more about the business they are dealing with.
  • B2B Buyer Journey is Different: B2B decision makers are typically savvier buyers who will comparison shop. As such, it’s important to position your company in a way that differentiates it from competitors.

Taking all of these characteristics into consideration, the following describes how we approach a B2B AdWords Campaign.

Our Expertise as a B2B Adwords Agency

At The Lead Agency, we do not start any B2B AdWords campaign without first taking into account the following considerations: 

  • The Buying Funnel: We have to understand how people buy from the company in order to target our ads in the most effective way. We ensure that our ad copy is written in a way that aligns with the consumer’s level of buyer-readiness, encouraging them to move through the buying funnel to sale.
  • Addressing B2B Searchers: We ensure that all ads are written in a way that speaks specifically to B2B buyers in order to weed out B2C traffic & get website traffic that has a higher chance of converting. In order to do this, we use words with B2B consumer meaning such as business acronyms, and industry terms.
  • Timing of Ads: In most cases, business people don’t want to see work-related ads out of hours, so ads served in the evenings and on weekends will typically have a lower CTR and Conversion Rate. Furthermore, there is often no one in the business to take calls or answer emails immediately during these times, which can result in wasted opportunities.
  • Customer Lifetime Value: With B2B businesses, profit most often doesn’t just come down to the initial purchase. We take into account the likelihood of repeat purchase when assessing the profitability of a campaign.
  • DRIP Marketing: B2B customers often require more of a relationship to be formed with a business before committing to buy, therefore they typically won’t convert the first time they are in contact with the brand. In this instance, they should enter the buyer funnel and be nurtured with DRIP marketing. See our page on Remarketing for more information on this DRIP marketing strategy.

We will set up a campaign after careful consideration of all of the above. The main thing to remember here, is that relevance is key to creating a successful AdWords campaign.

The next key consideration for a B2B AdWords campaign is the landing pages. This is particularly important for B2B businesses, as AdWords may simply be just the first step on your buyer’s journey with your brand. It is vital that you make a good first impression, which all comes down to your landing page.

No matter how good your keywords and ads are, you aren’t going to convince a potential customer to choose you if your landing page is no good. Customers have come to your website from your ad for a reason, you have to deliver what they are looking for. As such, it’s best practice to have a landing page designed specifically for each AdGroup in your campaign. We ensure that each landing page:

  • Matches your overall business branding
  • Has a single purpose and a single focused message
  • Includes headlines and keywords that match the ad searchers clicked to get there
  • Has a clear Call to Action (CTA) that drives the consumer to an action you want them to take
  • Includes real testimonials to increase confidence in your brand.

The above are just some examples of what should be included in a standard landing page.

The ideal landing page for your business will depend on a number of factors, such as the products that you sell, audience you are targeting and the main purpose of the campaign.


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