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3 Ways to Create More Visually Appealing Content

Visual Content

With 93% of marketers implementing content marketing as part of their strategy [Australian Content Marketing Research, King Content 2014], it’s becoming more and more difficult to get your brand noticed. Most research around the topic has focused on the written aspects of content marketing, so making your content more visually appealing can be what your […]

The Pros & Cons of Outsourcing B2B Content Marketing


In an environment where content is key, the pressure is on for brands to deliver. Getting your B2B content marketing strategy right can lead to increased brand awareness, improved B2B lead generation and general sales success. However, getting it wrong can drain your company’s time and resources, and even damage your brand’s reputation. B2B companies […]

B2B Content Marketing that Cuts Through the Noise

content marketing

“The Future of Marketing is Content Marketing” The way people consume media has changed. A huge increase in digital consumption has resulted in a B2B content marketing revolution, with an incredible 93%of marketers incorporating this strategy as part of their overall marketing efforts [Australian Content Marketing Research, King Content 2014]. With such great emphasis placed […]

B2B Marketing Content Types That Will Seal Deals

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The world of marketing is easy for few, as most find its difficulty to lie in the consistent successful properties of gaining and keeping a steady flow of customers. This is where inbound marketers excel, as it is their duty to gain customers, as opposed to outbound marketing that deals with drawing customers in. Both […]