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Shortening the B2B Marketing/Sales Funnel

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Moving customers through the B2B marketing/sales funnel can be a lengthy process, with 80% of sales made between the 5th and 12th contact [National Sales Executive Association]. Prospects constantly evaluate and reevaluate products and brands on their ‘Buyer Journey’ until purchase, and the process can be drawn-out as prospects simply don’t see the value to act. Marketers […]

Smarketing: Getting Sales & Marketing on the Same Team

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Sales and Marketing divisions typically work toward the same end goal: revenue. When they work together effectively, ROI, sales, productivity and top-line growth can also improve. Yet a recent study by Forrester Research found only 8% of B2B organisations have a tight alignment between these functions [B2B Sales And Marketing Alignment Starts With The Customer […]

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