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The Importance Of Business Branding

Business Branding

What is Business Branding? Branding is the marketing practice of defining your business to yourself, your team and all your external audiences. Your brand should embody the core of what your business is and what values it stands for not just it’s “look” or “sound”. Business Branding Done Well:  A trap that many businesses tend […]

What Is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media

Social Media has become so influential and important for the modern day marketer that the term is often thrown around without much further explanation. So you can be forgiven if you’re a little unsure of exactly what the buzzword “Social Media Marketing” really entails. This article will answer the simple question: what is social media […]

Referral Marketing: How To Ask Your Customer For A Referral

Referral Maketing

It costs 6–7 times more to acquire a new customer than retain an existing one [Bain & Company, 2013] What prospects are looking for is a business or service they can trust, and the sources that people find most trustworthy are their friends and acquaintances that vouch for an offering. This is where Referral Marketing […]

A Comprehensive Guide To Sales and Marketing Alignment In Business

Sales and Marketing Alignment

There are two essential components needed for a successful organisation. Both of these components play pivotal roles for business, but cannot function in a mutually exclusive manner. They are two interlinking gears of the business machine that need to work together harmoniously for the system to run smoothly. Meet Gear One: The Sales Team Salespeople […]

The Easy Conversion Rate Optimisation Hack You Should Be Using

Conversion Rate Optimisation

So, what is a conversion? The answer can vary from website to website depending on your end goal. Getting visitors to sign up for an email newsletter, create an account, download an app/ebook or make a purchase, these are all examples of conversions. Whatever it is that you want your visitors to do once they […]

Marketing Automation Strategies For Successful Lead Conversion

Marketing Automation

The term “Marketing Automation” has become a buzz-word, with many marketers under the impression that all digital marketing tools, including those specific to lead generation and overall growth, fall under the category of Marketing Automation. This misconception often leads to unsuccessful automated marketing efforts that do not speak to specific prospect needs and challenges. It […]

The Rise of Emojis in Email Marketing: Can B2B Marketers Benefit?

Emoji Marketing

One of the greatest challenges faced by marketers today is getting audiences to read your emails! It is increasingly difficult to standout in an email inbox when every email received looks the same, and even if you get your reader to open your email, you have less than 8 seconds to capture their attention [The […]