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Marketing Automation, B2B Marketing & the Future

b2b marketing automation

In business you constantly search for your panacea. You are well-versed with what your pain points are – from lack of customer insight, to a lack of time – but the solutions that are sought do not always yield the results that are needed. In business you constantly search for your panacea. You are well-versed […]

The Changing Face of B2B Marketing

The Changing Face of B2B Marketing

Business-to-business marketing (or B2B marketing, as it is often called) involves the sale of one company’s product or service to another company. Whilst it comes as no surprise that the B2B marketing ecosphere is changing, there have been some noteworthy shifts in how B2B purchasing decisions are happening, but also who is responsible for influencing them. […]

How to write a valuable B2B value proposition

write a great value proposition

What is a value proposition? Despite being used widely in business strategy discussions and online, value proposition is a misunderstood term. There’s many marketing terms that seem to cover the same thing: slogan, brand tagline, USP (unique selling proposition), positioning statement and value proposition. Each of these has their use and should be considered as […]

What’s the best for B2B Marketing: Cold Calling, Prospecting or Telemarketing?

b2b telemarketing

Most marketers would struggle to differentiate between Cold Calling, Prospecting and Telemarketing. Add Telesales into the mix and there’s even more confusion. The popularity of these B2B marketing tactics wax and wane over time, but it’s important to know what each brings to your business marketing mix. Telemarketing has replaced telesales to become the standard […]

What Is B2B Marketing: 3 Things Marketers Need To Know

what is b2b marketing

There are considerable differences between marketing to a business and marketing to a consumer. Although you are still selling a product or service to a person, experience shows that the difference between these two types of markets are important for developing robust marketing strategies. On one hand, B2B and B2C marketing are both about people: […]

The 3 most important benefits of email marketing

email marketing

Email marketing is incredibly popular: almost 190 billion emails are sent each day, but its importance is often overlooked. It is an affordable marketing tool and email marketing’s ability to be targeted to your audiences makes it an effective tool for business marketing and lead generation. One of the key reasons email is not considered […]

69 Kinds Of B2B Marketing Lead Generation Campaigns

b2b marketing

Lead generation is the primary objective of any B2B marketing strategy. While the eventual objective is certainly sales, the sales process can be lengthy and begins with lead generation, lead nurturing and subsequent follow-ups. There are many types of lead generation campaigns that a company can engage in. The premise or scope of lead generation […]

Four B2B Marketing Tips That Always Succeed

b2b marketing

There are many ways to approach B2B marketing. Some companies focus more on traditional mediums for their business marketing while some bank more on online avenues. Some companies smartly combine the old and the new. But it is not the approach to B2B marketing that is the sole factor facilitating success. What is being marketed […]

Four Truths For Website Lead Generation Campaigns

lead generation campaigns

Your business website is a potent tool for lead generation campaigns. Today, any business marketing strategy would require a website, whether it is B2B marketing or B2C. For B2B lead generation a website may not appear to be the ideal gateway but it can be made one. As consumers would search online for solutions to their […]

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