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11 Social Hacks To Improve Your B2B Networking Skills

B2B Networking

In B2B marketing, building and maintaining relationships with your customers is key to nurturing leads. Whether you are at a local business networking event, or attending a conference as a representative of your organisation, being able to ‘work the room’ is a very useful skill to acquire. Unfortunately, networking does not come easily to everyone. […]

Best Practices to Optimise Your B2B Video Marketing Strategy

B2B Video Marketing Strategy

After the widespread adoption of using virtual mediums for interaction, video has taken over our screens and absolutely revolutionised our day-to-day processes. HubSpot’s research shows that four of the top six channels consumers use to watch video are social channels and 60% of consumers preferred video posts before written content or articles when researching. While […]

Get Your B2B Blog Noticed: How to Write SEO-Friendly Posts

building a blog

Blogging has become a popular way for businesses to connect with their audience and establish themselves as thought leaders in their industry. However, in order for your B2B blog to be successful, it needs to be SEO-optimised. This means that your blog needs to be written in a way that appeals to both humans and […]

10 ways B2B social media marketing can benefit your company

girl on a megaphone in instagram

B2B social media marketing is increasingly emerging as a well-liked and successful tactic for companies of all sizes. Using sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, it enables B2B businesses to interact and connect with their target market in a more genuine and personal way.  Social media has completely changed how organisations interact with their customers, […]

The Essential Role of B2B Marketing Collateral in Generating B2B Leads and Winning Deals

B2B marketing collateral for b2b leads

In the highly competitive world of B2B sales, businesses must effectively communicate the value and benefits of their products and services to prospective clients. B2B marketing collateral is a crucial tool in achieving this goal through enabling companies to build trust, nurture relationships, and guide prospects through the sales funnel. The importance of B2B marketing […]

Writing Title Tags and Meta Descriptions for B2B SEO

working on a laptop

  B2B SEO can be a complex process, but it is crucial for businesses to understand how to optimise their website for search engines to increase visibility and attract more qualified leads. One of the most important aspects of B2B SEO is writing effective title tags and meta descriptions. These elements help search engines understand […]

Unlocking the Secrets of B2B Account Based Marketing

Account Based Marketing

Account-based marketing (ABM) is quickly becoming more popular for B2B marketers looking to build relationships with their most strategic and profitable accounts. ABM has been a buzzword in B2B marketing strategy for several years, but unlocking the secrets of a successful Account Based Marketing campaign can be daunting. With the right approach, ABM can be […]

How to use negative keywords to optimise B2B Google Ads

How to use negative keywords to optimise B2B Google Ads

Are you running Google Ads for your B2B business? If so, it’s important to optimise your campaigns for the best results. One of the easiest and most effective ways to do this is by adding negative keywords to your campaigns. Negative keywords are words or phrases that you add to your campaign so that your […]

B2B Marketing SEO: Can ChatGPT and AI Tools maximise your SEO efforts

Was this article written by a professional B2B marketing consultant or by a machine? Perhaps the more pertinent question is: does it matter?  Can you tell the difference? Do you care, and will you keep reading? Everyone is looking for ways to maximise their B2B marketing SEO efforts. As B2B companies look ahead to the […]

Four reasons why blogs are incredibly important for your B2B company

Gone are the days where blogging was reserved exclusively for bloggers sharing their thoughts on the internet. Blogging has become a staple in almost every marketing strategy. Rightly so, because in today’s era blogging is one of the single most powerful digital marketing tactics to optimise SEO, establish your company as an authority in the […]

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