Marketing Tips for B2B marketing


Infographic: 5 Tools A B2B Marketer Can’t Function Without

The digital revolution changed the way B2B companies are forced to conduct their business. Adapt or face irrelevancy in this fast-paced, device-driven modern age.

It’s hard to believe that not too long ago, human interaction was a necessary component in the sales process. This is no longer the case, with people doing everything from fact-finding to brand-relationship building through online mediums. In fact, today’s B2B buyers do not contact you directly until 57% of their purchase process is complete. [Think Newsletter, February 2013] Given this, it is no surprise that, in order to stay relevant as a marketer there are a number of digital tools you’ll need under your belt in order to succeed. Keep in mind that this is a holistic tool kit; one element does not succeed without all other components.




Kim McNeil

Kimberly McNeil has a First Class Honours in Marketing, backed up with education in International Business. A certified Google expert, with focus on Content Marketing, SEO, Adwords & Analytics, she knows what it takes to convert marketing conversations into sales. Creating compelling content is essential in all stages of the B2B Buying Cycle in order to engage your customer and build the relationship.

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