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Lead Nurturing Ideas: 5 Lead Generation Campaigns

It is crucial to have a goal in your mind before you approach your prospects. However, in order to connect and communicate with them in the right manner, businesses must also focus on their communication skills and strategy. Remember, the next step in lead generation campaigns is lead nurturing and in order to nurture your leads, you must communicate with your leads effectively and regularly. This post will discuss about the 5 types of communication that all prospects want and what you need to do to get it right.

1. Blogging: One of the easiest ways to generate and nurture your leads is to have a blog on your website. Your prospects want valuable and updated information, which could be related to the products, solutions and technology they use, on a regular basis. By providing them with rich and informative content, you create a strong impression about yourself and your company. In fact, a recent research report revealed that businesses that upload blogs at least six to eight times in a month doubled their lead generation campaigns success. However, make sure you add call to action statements and hyperlink to your landing pages within your blog posts.

2. Email: Every marketing consultant you speak to will highlight the importance of having a strong and effective email marketing system in place. However, don’t flood your prospects with emails over and over again as that will prompt them to unsubscribe for your emails. If you really wish to nurture your leads then make sure that they enjoy getting emails from you. Thus, businesses should focus on including valuable and attractive offers such as discounts, free coupons, products and free downloads in their emails. This will encourage them to share your emails with other people, thereby allowing you to generate more money for your business.

3. Social Media: Social media serves as an easy and effective medium for communicating with your prospects. If you want your lead generation campaigns and strategy to be successful then communicate with your customers through social media. Almost every prospect finds this type of communication relevant and enjoyable. Social media sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn among others helps businesses build and establish strong relations with their prospects. This also helps businesses find out more about their prospects and interact with them in a humane way. Businesses should also focus on sharing about their offers, discounts, products, solutions and other updates for nurturing their prospects.

4. Phone Call: The ideal way to nurture your leads is to communicate with them via a phone call. Your prospects expect you to communicate with them through phone calls once they have developed interest in your products and services. In fact follow up calls allow you to keep your prospects updated about your products and offerings on a regular basis.

5. Text Messages: Businesses must engage with their prospects constantly. So, if you really want to remain consistent in your sales efforts and interactions, then consider using text messages to keep your customers posted about your latest product updates and offerings. Once you have communicated your offers through text messages, make sure you give them a follow up call to find out if they would like to buy your products or services or not.

Andrew Silcox

Need help from a marketing consultant with your B2B marketing or lead generation campaigns? Director of The Lead Agency, Andrew Silcox has over 15 years experience in B2B marketing strategies and lead generation campaigns. He knows that best results are based on building great marketing conversations. The more you engage and communicate with your customers and prospects, the more likely they will understand, need and value what you offer.

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