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5 Great Lead Generation Marketing Ideas

5 Lead Generation Marketing Ideas

1. Lead Generation Marketing: Business partnerships for mutual benefit.

Whether you know a lot about your ideal customers, or have a good idea about where to find them, this lead generation marketing tactic can be a great way to acquire new customers.

Find a business that has similar customers, but doesn’t compete with you and develop a mutual referral program for your businesses. For example, a Pilates Centre wanted to promote a specific Pilates program for expectant mothers. They built a relationship with an ultrasound company to create a mutual referral program.

The program targeted expectant mothers that went to have an ultrasound. Each expectant mother received a free group Pilates session or a DVD with specific exercises to do in their own time. For the ultrasound business, expectant mothers that took the Pilates program also received a discount to have a 3D ultrasound. The Lead Generation marketing addressed a specific niche with specific benefits, generating new leads for both companies.

Business partnerships

2. Lead Generation Marketing: testimonials are gold.

It’s often a difficult job to get people to write a testimonial for you. Yet, testimonials are a great sales tool for your business. Almost 72% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Additionally, 52% of consumers admitted that positive online reviews make them more likely to use a local business*.

Make gathering testimonials part of your sales process. Not only will it mean you’re more likely to get that testimonial, you can use those testimonials in your lead generation campaigns.

A local plumber uses testimonials from satisfied clients as part of their sales process. First of all it’s a unique approach as most plumbers primarily use their quote as their sales process. But the real gem is that they also ask the clients if they would be willing to provide a similar letter. The customers and plumber agree on a quoted price, the plumber completes the work, and then before collecting payment, offers a discount of $50 if the customer writes the testimonial then and there.

* According to a Local Consumer Review Survey in 2012.

testimonials are gold

3. Lead Generation Marketing: What Guarantee can you offer?

Nothing works quite as well in lead generation as being able to provide complete confidence for your customer in your product or service. Asos.com have made a successful business model from a difficult industry: buying clothes online. Most people still like to try clothes on before they purchase them. Obviously this is an issue for an online-only clothing company. However, they guarantee that if you’re not happy with the clothes you’ve purchased online, you can return them at no cost and receive a full refund.

The difficulty with guarantees is finding a guarantee that works for each business, especially in service industries. However, with some thought and a belief in your own ability, it is possible to find your own guarantee.

An accountant offered a guarantee on their services of 100% off their fees if the client stuck to their program and followed their advice. First of all, it was a great way to build trust in their services and demonstrate a high level of confidence when first meeting prospective clients. More importantly, while the guarantee appeared risky, they know it would be rare for anyone to demand the refund as those few people who were unhappy would not have followed their advice and program exactly.

4. Lead Generation Marketing: Part of an exclusive club.

Everyone is looking for more business: that’s why lead generation marketing is so important. Knowing this, it’s easy to build interest in sharing leads and referrals if you can enlist other people to help for their own benefit.

A financial planner built her own lead generation marketing by setting up an exclusive referral network. She sent a letter to ten businesses who she had worked with and felt comfortable referring business to. This letter explained that she was creating an exclusive referral network of one hundred of the local area’s top businesses and was inviting them to become a member.

However, to be part of the group they needed to recommend another ten businesses who should belong to this referral network.  She then created a website directory that featured all businesses her contacts had sent her. The entire group promoted the directory amongst the network members and referred business to each other.

Part of an exclusive club

5. Lead Generation Marketing: Give something back of value.

“Value” doesn’t have to mean “expensive”. It’s possible your customers will value many things that don’t actually cost much at all. If you can find something they want or value that you can supply easily and cheaply, it’s a great way to build a stronger rapport with your customers and make them your lead generation marketing tactic.

Every time a new massage therapist client signed-up for their six-session package, they give three referral cards with an offer of a free massage. Their clients loved giving the free massage cards away to friends and family as a value-added benefit. But every time one of those free massages purchased a six-session package the client also received a free massage.

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