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5 B2B Social Media Strategies & Best Practices

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Understanding B2B social media can be challenging. Research brands that are flourishing on social media and the chances are the first ten companies you stumble across are B2C companies. You’ll rarely hear about an HR consultancy going viral on Instagram or a rubber manufacturer crushing it on Facebook.

That’s not to say that B2B companies cannot be successful on social media – flourishing social media pages for B2B exist. The only thing is, they are a minority…. but that’s good.

That means there is a gap in the industry for B2B representation on social media. It also means that the B2B social media market is NOT saturated therefore, your business has less competitors online.

The following contains 5 social media strategies and best practices that will aid your B2B business online:

1. Get on Social Media

Seems straightforward enough but so many B2B companies are still shying away from using social media. “But I work in a boring industry…” – that my friend, is where you’re wrong. An example of an industry that may be considered ‘boring’ but is doing great on social media is Xerox. They sell document solutions and technologies but have over 9 million views across their Youtube Channel. Their videos on digital printing and document solutions were a hit!

So don’t shy away from using social media. Use this tool to grow your business and connect with the public and potential clients.

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2. Two birds with One Stone: Consistency & Involvement

Consistency is key! But who’s got the time? It can be overwhelming to come up with new, consistent and quality content every day or every week so it’s best to get the team involved! Give your employees the opportunity to have their voices heard and their work stories shared. Your employees can do this in various ways such as sharing how they got into their field, what they do in the company and why it is important or providing tips and strategies or best practices for their line of work.

Getting your employees involved in creating content online can also benefit company relationships as your employees will feel more valued and heard. They will also be more likely to share the company’s social media sites as they may want to show their family and friends that they were featured

Remember: customers always prefer a personal approach so, involving your employees in this creative process will humanize your business as your social media audience will get a glimpse of the people behind the company.

3. Get Engaged!

Speaking of personal approach,  it is also important to engage with your customers or potential customers on social media. Making that human connection is key in creating and maintaining relationships with clients. Social media allows B2B companies to create these connections efficiently but without cutting corners.

Support your clients by engaging in their content! As a B2B company, they may also struggle with the challenges of social media therefore, they will appreciate your engagement in their content. Follow them on social media and like, share and comment on their posts, articles and pictures.

When other companies or individuals engage with your posts on social media, be sure to like or reply in effort to show appreciation and demonstrate your company’s customer service quality.

4. Develop a Presence

Unfortunately, a lot of B2B companies online treat social media as an afterthought and therefore publish content that are lacking in personality. You don’t need to be a twitter troll or be overly obnoxious or edgy to be entertaining online. You do however, need to sound like an actual human rather than an automated robot online — people want to connect with people!

You can do this by:

  • Using conversational tone and language ~hold off on the jargon and engage in language that most people will understand. Not everyone will know about the ‘Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory’ that your client may be trying to market however, more people might understand it if you describe it as a ‘personality test’, a ‘psychology test’ or even a ‘psychometric test’.
  • Make Conversation ~ Social media isn’t just about broadcasting your message… it’s about connecting! So connect with your audience. Don’t be afraid to start a conversation with them (whether they are happy or angry). In 2013, 67% of consumers used company social media sites for service updates and inquiries while 33% of people prefer to contact businesses on social media relative to the telephone. Thus, interaction is still better than neglect.

5. Expand Outside of LinkedIn

While LinkedIn has been ranked as the most effective platform for B2B businesses, you don’t need to limit your business to one platform. Generating leads should not be your only focus as branding and brand loyalty are also important. Other B2B marketers have realized this and are expanding outside of LinkedIn

  • 89% use LinkedIn
  • 88% use Facebook
  • 83% use Twitter
  • 61% use Google+
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