Does your business want to drive more targeted traffic to your website and increase conversions? By integrating remarketing capabilities into your current B2B digital marketing strategy, you have the opportunity to do just that.

Remarketing involves targeting consumers who have previously visited your website, through the use of cookies, in an attempt to reignite their initial interest in your brand. 

“98% of people are in the ‘awareness’ or ‘interest’ stages of the buying funnel” – SEMrush

Essentially, remarketing helps your business target a highly relevant, clearly defined audience in a cost-effective and efficient manner. This strategy reminds consumers of your brand and, as they already have some foundational awareness, they’re generally more likely to convert into valuable leads.

For B2B organisations, the consumer purchasing process is often long and complex. This is because, typically, management must follow an extensive decision making procedure to approve costly or large-scale purchases. B2B businesses are operating in an increasingly volatile market and, to remain competitive, it’s essential that your organisation develops a strong marketing strategy.

If your organisation is yet to try remarketing, now is the time.

The development and implementation of an effective remarketing campaign has, for many businesses, proven to be a highly valuable component of their marketing strategy. The following will explore a number of these potential benefits that can, in turn, aid your business in achieving exceptional outcomes and reaching your organisational objectives.

1. Increase Brand Familiarity 

Typically, it takes 5-7 impressions before a potential consumer remembers your brand.

By repeatedly exposing potential consumers to your brand through remarketing, you have the opportunity to reinforce your message and boost awareness. Remarketing helps your business establish an ongoing relationship with consumers who recognise your brand and understand your offering.

If you successfully make a lasting impression then, when a member of your target audience needs a product or service that you offer, your brand will be already be ‘front-of-mind’. You’ll become a part of the consumers’ evoked set, as they remember you from previous encounters, which increases familiarity and lowers purchase uncertainty. This will, in turn, boost your click-through-rate and drive more conversions.

2. Boost Engagement With Your Target Audience

Does your B2B business want to boost engagement with your target audience? Remarketing is a powerful strategy to use when trying to improve consumer engagement, and can be seamlessly integrated into your marketing strategy.

When using remarketing, the click-through-rate achieved is 10 times higher than that of a typical display advertisement – Digital Information World

In B2B markets, organisations often experience difficulty when it comes to engaging their customers. Social media, while still effective, doesn’t always achieve the same level of interaction that B2C businesses are able to accomplish. Meaningful B2B relationships can also be challenging to establish, and each of these points plays a key role in boosting customer engagement.

Remarketing can help your business break through the clutter, and stand out as a familiar and relevant brand that understands consumers’ unique interests and needs. When consumers consider your brand as a favourable choice, they’ll likely start engaging in your content.

3. Drive More Conversions

Lead Conversions

Although remarketing can be a highly effective strategy when it comes to boosting conversions, it’s important that you don’t completely flood consumers with your advertisements. When you begin a remarketing campaign, consider testing different frequencies and define which works best for your business.

Your brand needs to establish a balanced remarketing campaign that nurtures your leads by reinforcing your message, rather than simply overwhelming and annoying them.

4. Reduce Loss of Potential Leads

Remarketing can help your brand avoid losing valuable leads, reaffirming with business prospects that your offerings are both relevant to them and of an exceptional quality. The potential customers you’re targeting have viewed your content in the past and, by remarketing to them; you can work to reignite this initial interest.

By creating memorable advertisements that consumers are repeatedly exposed to, you can optimise your marketing efforts and start establishing your brand as a superior option. Show consumers that you understand their expectations and will go above and beyond their needs, and convey this value through your remarketing.

Start Building Your Remarketing Strategy Today

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