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3 Signs You Should Invest in Email Marketing

According to the Direct Marketing Association, email marketing yields an average 4,300% return on investment for businesses in the United States.

But will it work for your business? Here are some indications that email marketing might be just what you need.

 1. You’re Not Communicating with Your Customers

Communicating with your customers and prospects is the key to the long-term success of any business. In the early stages of the customer / business relationship, effective communication should emphasise how your product or service meets your customer’s needs in order to turn your prospect into a customer. As the relationship progresses, regular communication with your customer keeps you at the front of their mind, and helps you to continue to meet their requirements.

If you’re not regularly communicating with your customers, you should consider implementing an email marketing strategy. Sending a simple email thanking them for their first purchase with your store, or for signing up for your newsletter, goes a long way to make them feel like you care. Then staying in front of your customers by regularly emailing them can help build brand loyalty!

 2. You’re Not Selling Enough

If your current marketing efforts are not yielding the expected ROI or your business isn’t seeing as many sales as you’d like to, it may be time to invest in email marketing.

Email marketing lets you share information about your business to help customers and potential customers see how valuable your product or service is. Furthermore, by segmenting your database, you can send more targeted content to your subscribers, which leads to an increase in sales.

email marketing

 3. Your Customers Don’t Recognise Your Brand

 Email marketing can help you establish authority in your field by showing customers that you have a comprehensive knowledge of your business, and industry. By sending emails that provide value to your customers by solving a product problem or addressing and industry-wide issue can establish your business as a leader in the industry

Email marketing is, and always has been a powerful tool for delivering messages directly to your target audience. If you’re having any of the problems above, it could be time to consider this channel for your business.

Kim McNeil

Kimberly McNeil has a First Class Honours in Marketing, backed up with education in International Business. A certified Google expert, with focus on Content Marketing, SEO, Adwords & Analytics, she knows what it takes to convert marketing conversations into sales. Creating compelling content is essential in all stages of the B2B Buying Cycle in order to engage your customer and build the relationship.

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