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Business to business or B2B marketing is vital when you sell to businesses and not just consumers. There are far fewer businesses than there are consumers who might purchase your product or service, and of course other businesses in your same industry are going to work hard to make potential customers their own.

While B2B marketing can be a tough aspect of your business, it can be successful if you use the right methods and use them effectively. Consider three proven methods of B2B marketing that any company can employ.

1. Email campaigns and automation

Some have thought that email campaigns would be obsolete once social media became a popular tool for businesses to advertise, but today they’re actually alive and well and very effective! Customers still use email for everyday correspondence and an eye-catching subject line or effective message can impel your leads to follow through and eventually buy.

Emails also include follow-up with customers, including thank-you messages and other correspondence post-sale. This keeps your name and product in front of your customers at all times, creating brand loyalty and long-term business. Learn about B2B email marketing and B2B marketing automation.

2. B2B Marketing Blogs

Your blog can be used by potential customers to help solve problems and get more information about their industry. In turn, they may be impelled to buy. As an example, if you sell office supplies, you might write a blog about how to keep the office organized, save money on fuel for company vehicles, and so on. Your customer will subscribe for those valuable tips, and then will also see the offers and ads you post.

For a blog to be successful it must be well-written and it must include a call to action in every post. A blog cannot be rambling thoughts or generic information, but it must add value and must tie in with your product or service. Learn about B2B content marketing.

3. Webinars

A webinar is a seminar that is held online. Participants dial in and listen to a speaker from their own remote location, and may be able to interact either on a website or verbally over the phone. These webinars are very easy to set up and host as there are many programs available to get you started. They’re also very convenient for customers because they don’t leave their office and can tune in and tune out as needed throughout the seminar.

To make a webinar successful, it must offer value for a customer and should be more than just a long sales pitch. As an example, if you sell heavy-duty automotive parts to industrial customers, you might offer webinars that show how to maintain certain vehicles or make certain repairs. If you sell office supplies a webinar might show some quick tricks around popular programs like QuickBooks or Excel. These things offer value to a customer and they can then be segued into a sales or marketing lead.

Try these methods of B2B marketing for yourself and your company and you’ll see your marketing leads grow and will increase your customer base very quickly!

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